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If customers hear your competitor’s voice over yours, they won’t even consider yours.

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Why Reviews?


Google Reviews are important for maintaining your SEO ranking. Up to 15% of the rankings can be attributed simply by keeping a 4.74 star review every 3 months, and for many that alone will get them in the top three search results!

1st Impression

It’s true, your first impression is everything. Google reviews are how most people looking for services find you- so if your competitor has more positive reviews than you, then chances are they’ll be the one that will get their business.


97% people read reviews first before making the decision of where to spend their money.  You also want to maintain customer retention when prior ones check on your latest reviews.

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Sure you got lots of 5-star reviews 4+ months ago. But, 85% of people believe reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant (especially with all the fake ones thrown in there).

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Some of our most asked questions, answered for you.

Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time.  If you cancel in the middle of a month or any part of it, it will continue until the end of that month’s billing cycle.
-Annual plans can be cancelled and will finish off until the end of it’s billing cycle  No refunds for fees paid..
-Exclusive plans can be cancelled like the Monthly plan.  If the Exclusive plan has not been live for at least 12 months, when you cancel the plan, the domain will be transferred to your ownership.  The site itself will not be transferred due to the labour and assets to create the site.

No this is a done for you service, so you will not have to touch the platform.  You will be provided everything needed to make sure you are successful. 

Short answer YES as this will be the prime review site we target.

If you are unable to use Stripe please contact us so we can find an option that works best for you.

Using the txt messages does not cost anything extra.

Every review site allows you to use links that they provide.  What our platform does is manage all your customers from start to finish leaving reviews so you can better manage your reviews and retarget them via marketing campaigns.

No you do not, but you need to have a EIN, and Registered up-to-date business in your state to be listed on the various review sites.

Check out our case study video to get all the information why you NEED a service like this. Case Study 

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