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The Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Online reputation management company offering the best services. Find top-rated online reputation management companies to improve your brand's image.

When it comes to managing your business’s reputation online, it’s essential to choose the right online reputation management company. These companies specialize in helping businesses build, protect, and repair their online reputations. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the best one for your specific needs.

To make the decision easier for you, we have researched and analyzed the top online reputation management companies in the industry. Our top pick is WebiMax due to its comprehensive approach, proven track record, active monitoring features, and customized solutions.

WebiMax: Best for Most Businesses

WebiMax is our top choice for most businesses. With over a decade of experience, WebiMax has a proven track record of helping clients safeguard and enhance their online reputations. They offer a dedicated campaign manager and a custom strategy tailored to each client’s unique needs. Whether you need to react quickly to diffuse negative reviews or proactively shape your long-term reputation strategy, WebiMax has the expertise to help you take control of your online narrative.

WebiMax provides a range of services, including finding and leveraging unclaimed profiles, generating reports of negative content, deleting negative content, promoting positive content, getting more reviews, monitoring and responding to reviews, and promoting top reviews. They also offer additional services such as PPC management, SEO, local marketing, and lead generation.

To get started with WebiMax, you can contact them for a free quote and proposal.

NetReputation: Best for Power Washing Away Negative Results

If your business is dealing with negative reviews and sentiment, NetReputation is an excellent choice. They specialize in going on the offensive against negative results and sentiment about your brand. NetReputation offers services such as suppressed search results, search result removal, online reputation protection, online reputation monitoring, and review management. They also provide unique services like Wikipedia page management and local SEO services.

NetReputation’s unique content-based strategy focuses on suppressing negative results with positive ones. They can also permanently remove negative results if necessary. With their expertise, you can clean up your online reputation and protect your brand from further damage.

To learn more about how NetReputation can help your business, schedule a free consultation to get a reputation score analysis and quote. Best for Personal Brand Management specializes in personal brand management. In today’s digital age, individuals need online reputation management just as much as businesses. offers services to help individuals build, repair, and scale their online reputation efforts. They provide reputation monitoring across various channels, including social media platforms, review sites, and online communities. offers guidance and services to optimize social profiles, personal brand asset design, content creation, and additional services to enhance your personal brand. They also provide identity protection through their Privacy Guard service.

To get started with and take control of your personal brand’s online reputation, reach out to them today.

Nextiva: Best for DIY Online Reputation Management

For small businesses that prefer to manage their own online reputation, Nextiva offers a social media management platform that empowers small business owners to take control. With Nextiva, you can monitor brand mentions, schedule social media posts, and reply to messages from a single dashboard. This all-in-one tool makes it easy for even the busiest small business owners to engage with customers, respond to complaints, and maintain a positive online presence.

Nextiva’s platform also includes social media scheduling features, allowing you to schedule posts in advance to ensure consistent activity on your social media channels. This tool is affordable compared to hiring a full-service reputation management company, making it a great option for small businesses on a budget.

To get started with Nextiva and manage your own online reputation, request a free demo.

Birdeye: Best Multi-Channel Review Management for Local Businesses

Birdeye is an all-in-one platform for generating, monitoring, and managing customer reviews. With Birdeye, you can track customer reviews from over 200 review sites, receive alerts for new reviews, and reply to reviews from a single dashboard. This platform is designed to help local businesses generate more reviews and manage their online reputation across multiple platforms.

Birdeye offers features such as automated review generation campaigns, QR codes for real-time reviews, review showcases on your website and social media, review widgets, and SEO-optimized microsites. They also provide valuable insights and analytics to help you understand the effectiveness of your review strategy.

To improve your brand’s reputation and increase customer reviews, get started with Birdeye today.

Reputation Rhino: Most Versatile Online Reputation Management

Reputation Rhino is a versatile reputation management company that serves businesses of all sizes and industries. They offer a wide range of reputation management services, including review management, listings management, search result improvement, Wikipedia management, Glassdoor monitoring, and more.

Reputation Rhino specializes in creating custom strategies tailored to each client’s industry and specific needs. They focus on building and improving online reputations through a combination of PR, marketing, and content strategies. With their expertise, you can protect your brand, improve customer trust, and strengthen your online reputation.

To get a quote and learn more about how Reputation Rhino can help your business, contact them today.

Big Leap: Best for Building Superior Brand Loyalty Over Time

Big Leap takes a holistic approach to online reputation management, focusing on long-term strategies to build brand loyalty and reputation. They offer a range of services, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization. With their expertise, Big Leap can help you create and optimize content that enhances your online reputation and builds trust with your target audience.

Big Leap starts by evaluating your brand’s current online reputation and identifying areas for improvement. They then develop a personalized strategy to build positive sentiment and reputation over time. By focusing on long-term brand building, Big Leap helps businesses establish themselves as trusted authorities in their industries.

To start building a superior brand reputation, reach out to Big Leap for a free consultation.

REQ: Best for Tracking Your Reputation in Real Time

REQ is a technology-driven online reputation management company that offers real-time reputation tracking. They have a proprietary algorithm that provides clients with their reputation score at any given time. REQ’s algorithm analyzes social media, sentiment analysis, and user behaviors to provide valuable insights into your online reputation.

In addition to reputation tracking, REQ offers a range of services, including search engine result improvement, Google and Bing autocomplete cleanup, public affairs messaging and amplification, reputation monitoring, and reporting. They also provide additional services such as public relations, SEO, content creation, and more.

To gain real-time visibility into your online reputation, reach out to REQ and get started.

Matter Communications: Best PR Solution for Building Your Brand with Content

Matter Communications is a full-service public relations agency that specializes in brand image and storytelling. They help businesses build their online reputations through a mix of PR and creative marketing strategies. Matter Communications takes the time to understand your business and create personalized strategies that highlight your unique story.

Matter Communications offers a range of PR services, including influencer programs, media relations, content creation, product PR, event support, and executive/C-Suite visibility. They also offer additional services such as podcasting, copywriting, UX/UI development, branding, campaign development, and more.

To build your brand’s reputation and connect with your target audience, reach out to Matter Communications and get started.

Go Fish Digital: Best for Yelp Review Building

If your business relies heavily on Yelp reviews, Go Fish Digital is the go-to online reputation management company for you. They specialize in building positive Yelp reviews and removing negative ones. Go Fish Digital uses a strategic approach to improve your reputation on Yelp and protect your brand from reputation attacks.

Go Fish Digital offers a range of services, including Yelp and online review improvement, search engine result improvement, Google and Bing autocomplete cleanup, public affairs messaging and amplification, reputation monitoring, and reporting. They focus on providing a well-rounded approach to reputation management, ensuring your brand is protected and positively perceived.

To improve your reputation on Yelp and beyond, reach out to Go Fish Digital and get started.


Choosing the right online reputation management company is crucial for building, protecting, and repairing your brand’s online reputation. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for a DIY solution or a larger business in need of comprehensive reputation management services, there is a provider on this list to suit your needs. Consider the factors discussed in this article, and reach out to the providers that stand out to you for more information. With the right online reputation management company by your side, you can take control of your brand’s online narrative and build a positive reputation that attracts customers and boosts your business’s success.

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