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Review Management Companies The Key to Monitoring Customer Sentiment

Review management companies are essential for monitoring customer sentiment. Find out how they can help your business succeed.

Review management software has become an essential tool for businesses to track and analyze customer feedback online. It plays a crucial role in online reputation management, allowing businesses to understand customer sentiment and make improvements to better meet their expectations. In this article, we will explore the importance of review management, the key features to look for in review management software, and provide a summary of the top review management companies in 2024.

Why is Review Management Important?

In today’s digital age, what customers say about your business online can have a significant impact on your reputation and success. Positive reviews can attract new customers and boost conversions, while negative reviews can deter potential customers. Monitoring and managing customer reviews is crucial for businesses to understand customer sentiment, identify areas for improvement, and make a positive impact on their target audience.

The Key Features of Review Management Software

When choosing review management software for your business, it’s important to consider the key features that will best suit your needs. Whether you’re just starting with review management or looking to switch to a new software provider, here are four essential features that every review management software should offer:

  1. Review Requests: To gather quality customer reviews, it’s important to ask for them. Look for review management software that provides a review request feature, making it easy for customers to leave reviews through multiple methods such as text, email, or your business website.

  2. Review Monitoring: The ability to monitor customer reviews and ratings across various websites, search engines, and platforms is crucial for understanding what people are saying about your business. Choose software that offers wide-reaching monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts to stay informed and respond promptly.

  3. Review Responses: Crafting timely responses to every review, whether positive, negative, or neutral, helps build credibility with your audience. Look for software that allows you to create personalized responses and consider one with an AI component that can generate responses matching customer sentiment.

  4. Campaign Management: Effective review management goes beyond monitoring and responding to reviews. Look for software that allows you to create, execute, and manage campaigns targeting different audience segments. This will help you engage customers with more relevant communication, increase brand awareness, and maximize reach.

The Top Review Management Software Companies in 2024

Here are five of the best review management software companies in 2024, each offering unique features and functionality to help businesses effectively manage their online reputation:

1. Birdeye

  • Overview: Birdeye’s reputation management platform allows users to connect with potential customers, monitor, request, respond to, and report on customer reviews through a single dashboard.
  • Pricing: Birdeye offers three pricing plans, ranging from a basic Starter plan to a comprehensive Dominate plan, with pricing determined on a per-business basis by the number of locations.
  • Pros: User-friendly dashboard, robust feature set including review automation, easy implementation, and responsive customer support.
  • Cons: Integrating with certain apps can be slow or challenging, higher cost compared to some other solutions.

2. Reputation

  • Overview: Reputation’s platform manages customer feedback from acquisition to loyalty, offering surveys, review monitoring and responses, and a ticketing system to capture customer comments and improve communication.
  • Pricing: Pricing available upon request.
  • Pros: Consolidates reviews from various platforms, convenient scheduling feature, customizable surveys and reports.
  • Cons: Some difficulties in navigating certain features, challenges with data interpretation, limitations in social media management.

3. SOCi

  • Overview: SOCi is an all-in-one marketing platform focused on automating social media management and customer engagement for multi-location businesses. It offers AI, data analysis, and recommendations to manage social strategy, customer feedback, and reviews.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing available.
  • Pros: Ability to manage multiple social media accounts from one place, cohesive brand image, convenient scheduling feature.
  • Cons: Limitations on the number of users per location in different subscription plans, steep learning curve for first-time users.

4. Podium

  • Overview: Podium helps local businesses manage lead conversion and customer communication through its SMS (texting) tools. It supports review management by enabling businesses to request and gather reviews.
  • Pricing: Podium offers three pricing plans: Essentials, Standard, and Professional.
  • Pros: Automated customer texting and review capture capabilities, seamless integration with existing CRM systems, analytics for trend analysis.
  • Cons: Considered expensive, slow and spotty customer service, limited customization and flexibility.

5. GatherUp

  • Overview: GatherUp specializes in review and reputation management for small businesses, multi-location businesses, and digital agencies. It helps businesses use reviews and feedback to improve the customer experience and attract and retain customers.
  • Pricing: GatherUp is priced by location, with plans starting at $99/month for one location.
  • Pros: Seamless review request and response process, ease of use, dedicated customer support, new SMS capabilities.
  • Cons: Limited customizations, some features need better explanation, inability to pause review campaigns.


Review management software plays a crucial role in online reputation management, allowing businesses to monitor and respond to customer feedback effectively. When choosing review management software, consider the key features such as review requests, monitoring, responses, and campaign management. The top review management software companies in 2024 include Birdeye, Reputation, SOCi, Podium, and GatherUp. Each offers unique features to help businesses manage their online reputation and improve the customer experience. Choose the software that best suits your business needs and start taking control of your online reputation today.

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review management companies

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