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Online Reputation Management Platform A Comprehensive Guide

Online reputation management platform: A complete guide on how to effectively manage your online reputation and build a positive brand image.


In the restaurant business, having a good reputation is crucial for success. Online reviews play a significant role in shaping a restaurant’s reputation. However, managing multiple online review sites can be overwhelming without a robust system in place. That’s where restaurant reputation management software comes in. In this guide, we will discuss what to look for in a restaurant reputation management program and recommend some software options.

What is Restaurant Reputation Management Software?

Restaurant reputation management software enables restaurants to monitor and track reviews, respond to positive and negative feedback, and evaluate their reputation across multiple channels. This software can streamline the review monitoring process and help restaurants maintain a positive online reputation.

Benefits of Restaurant Reputation Management Software

Using restaurant reputation management software offers several benefits for restaurants. Let’s explore some of the common advantages:

1. Easy Review Monitoring

Monitoring online reviews on various platforms can be challenging. Reputation management software simplifies this process by allowing users to monitor and respond to reviews from one dashboard on multiple devices.

2. Maintain a Positive Online Reputation

Maintaining a positive online reputation is crucial for attracting customers. Reputation management software enables restaurants to respond to positive reviews and address negative feedback promptly. This active review management helps create a positive online image that can increase revenue.

3. Address Restaurant Service Issues

Negative feedback is an opportunity for improvement. Reputation management software allows restaurants to identify problem areas by analyzing negative reviews. By addressing these issues, restaurants can improve their reputation and receive more positive reviews.

What To Look For In Restaurant Reputation Management Software

When choosing a restaurant reputation management software, consider the following essential features:

1. Review and Social Media Monitoring

The software should track and report online sentiments and posts related to your restaurant. It should notify you of new mentions on review platforms and monitor conversations on social media.

2. Analytics

The software should generate reports and analytics on customer trends and online ratings. This is especially crucial for franchises, as one restaurant’s performance can affect overall averages.

3. Review Prompts

The software should allow you to send review request prompts to customers, encouraging them to leave reviews. This feature can be implemented through email, SMS, or other forms of customer surveys.

4. Sentiment Analysis

While not a must-have, sentiment analysis tools can determine people’s sentiments toward your restaurant based on reviews and keyword-specific analysis.

Top Restaurant Reputation Management Software Options

Here are some top restaurant reputation management software options to consider:

1. Brand24

Brand24 is an award-winning reputation management and marketing app that collects and analyzes online sentiments about your restaurant. It offers features such as online reputation analysis, response management, marketing analytics, and more.

– Comprehensive online reputation analysis
– Influencer and hashtag marketing tools
– Competitive analysis

– Not affordable for small businesses

2. Swell

Swell is a cloud-based review management system that collects and condenses data from review sites and customer surveys. It offers automation features, customer surveys, reporting, and integration with POS and CRM software.

– Process automation
– Integration capabilities
– Robust reporting

– Decline in review responses after initial requests

3. Chekkit

Chekkit allows you to track, manage, and improve customer satisfaction and your restaurant’s online reputation. It offers communication features, invoice and payment management, online rating collection, and more. It can integrate with third-party messaging, analytics, and marketing software.

– Variety of communication features
– Integration with third-party software
– Review response tools

– No personalized user logins
– Occasional software slowness

4. Chatmeter

Chatmeter helps restaurants collect online ratings, manage listings, and monitor social media posts. It offers tools for sentiment analysis, search ranking, competitor analytics, and local brand visibility scores. It also provides a centralized dashboard for easy management.

– Social media management tools
– Sentiment analysis
– Comprehensive dashboard

– Less user-friendly software layout
– Occasional bugs

5. Reputation

Reputation is a cloud-based reputation management system designed for multi-location restaurants. It offers a centralized dashboard, reputation scoring, robust reporting and analytics, competitive benchmarking, sentiment analysis, and more.

– Centralized dashboard for multi-location management
– Real-time reputation scoring
– AI-based recommendations

– Numerical glitches reported
– Difficult setup process

6. Birdeye

Birdeye is an all-in-one reputation management platform focused on improving customer experience and sales. It offers real-time analytics, competitive analysis, customer surveys, review response prompts, and more.

– Real-time analytics
– Natural Language Processing (NLP) features
– Review response prompts

– Confusing navigation
– Unreliable customer service


Managing your restaurant’s online reputation is crucial for success, and reputation management software can simplify the process. With features like review monitoring, analytics, and review prompts, these software options can help restaurants maintain a positive online reputation and address service issues. Consider the features and pricing of each software option to find the one that best suits your restaurant’s needs and budget.

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Remember, investing in an online reputation management platform is an investment in your restaurant’s success.

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